Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sutf, and the sorts.

Well, I read a rather funny article today that I think everyone should read. Especially the comments people left at the bottom.
Basically a big plane took a big flight without a big number of people. I think it said 5 people actually. Kinda stupid, but kinda funny at the same time, check it out.

The recent ramblings of me mostly have to do with my bike. It's all set up for riding now and I took it on its first ever run down in Virgin Ut. While there I finally got the nerve up to hit a 17 foot drop (we are not sure exactly, but its a pretty big looking cliff!) So much fun, such a rush. Back in the world of school and bills, I just got my clutch replaced, that was a pain in the butt. Going to pick it up caused a great amount of difficulty since the guys card reader wasn't working yet. Since I was going to be paying with my credit card, this put a slight damper on things. I don't know my pin number for my credit card. It was a long process but finally my clutch doesn't slip. There is a small grinding noise still, not really sure what it is from but we will deal with that later.

Thinking as to what Krystal wrote about her taxes got me thinking, wow its like we are related or something, what with have the same ideas. Our tax return will be better than I have ever had. This isn't saying much coming from a guy who likes to get a new or second job every couple of months. Ours disappears like so; Car payment(s), Ballroom tour, and thats about it. Oh well, That tour takes me and Natalie to Oregon, Washington, and Cali. next week, and then to New York in the spring. Should be very fun.

Other than that, not much else is going on. School, work, work out (My friend Tim joined a gym and is making me go with him, my arms hurt a lot today), you know all the fun things in life. Also heading up north this weekend to see family and have a grand time. All in all however, I really can't wait for spring break!


Guereca Family said...

While you're up here you should have my hubby's shop look at your car. It's Steve's Tire Factory in Orem (about 1600 north and State) They're pretty good, they wouldn't charge you to just have it looked at.....

Krystal said...

tour's next week?? wow, I didn't know it was that soon! bring us back something cool! :)